Pros and Cons of CSA Community Supported Agriculture

Pros and Cons of CSA Community Supported Agriculture

For those who enjoy fresh food right from the farm a CSA may be a good choice. Also known as community supported agriculture it gets them going with a routine for it. Consumers just have to sign up and commit to a plan of farm food in boxes. They are given to them on a weekly basis and the food is fresh. The pros of community supported agriculture are freshness. The produce straight from the farm is picked and brought out fresh weekly. Giving them more flavor which they may have not yet had.

At the start of the year the farmer offers shares to the public. This gets done with making pre packaged boxes of food for them. Or bags if they choose for it, they do much either way. The advantages of CSA are making time for farmers to meet customers. They can also start selling early in the year to them. Seeing what prices are like from the start of it. The disadvantages of it are the shared risk involved. Which happens when they make a yearly payment. Then as time goes on and farming produces up and down results there getting less.

The farmers also offer the option for market style boxes. This means they can prepare them with options of there choice. Then pick them up each week. They do not just offer produce, but have other choices as well. They include eggs, bread, cheese, and dairy. If they choose each pre packaged box may be there own choice. The other pros of community supported agriculture are getting to know the customers. They can see them in person and have friendly conversation while they shop.

There aren’t much other cons of community supported agriculture. Besides taking limited visits to the store instead. It only is provided with weekly packages for them. Taking this choice only helps if you won’t mind it as a weekly trip. Making recipes is important and they need ingredients. If there on the weekly plan then it may not work. In order to be satisfied there cooking requirements must be planned well. There getting good fresh produce on the other hand. That puts them in a higher category then before.

Every customer gets a box each week with this plan. Also known as a subscription that can be used yearly. The farmer knows the cons of community supported agriculture as much as anyone. They see what is being grown, and know how much to sell. For each customer days are spent enjoying fresh quality food. Not in a way there used to, but by having supplied from the experts growing it. Having a meal prepared this way is going to a higher level in taste. The kind that others buying produce at local grocers may not enjoy.

Looking at other disadvantages of this is plain to see. There not buying together but make there own choices. There a group in there own category. Some people may feel it is to different for them. Because they are so used to eating locally. While seeing what the other advantages are it is clear also. People know how to get boxes delivered straight to there door. Week by week with a blend of vegetables of there choice. The food that there getting stands out as fresh. It is by the farmers who know there supply well. During bad weather there able to travel less. Using this to supply them in the winter. It gets the job done well, and brings farmers more involved. There the ones who work every day and know what’s important.

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