Pros and Cons of Quail Eggs

Pros and Cons of Quails Eggs

Quails are short-tailed and small birds that are classified in the family Phasianidae and Odontophiridae. They are smaller in size and less robust, but they also resemble partridges. These birds mainly eat berries and seeds, and they can too eat insects, roots, and leaves of some plant species. An average quail bird lays about twelve roundish eggs, and the males help them during the incubation period. After the eggs have hatched, the young ones remain with their parents until they reach maturation after a few days when they reach certain ages. Their eggs are considered a delicacy as well as their meat.

The poultry industry is booming, and it is also a business opportunity that is a profit-making in recent years. This is because the profitability cycle is considered shorter than that of the livestock sector. This means that it will be more profitable to venture into poultry farming and, in particular, to quails farming. It is characterized by the fact that they reach maturity within a short time, they produce many eggs at a time, and also their meat production is ready between 2-3 months after incubation. Mathematically it is proven that within six months, one can manage to have three cycles of quail’s generations.

When planning for a profitable business, you should, therefore, venture into Quail egg production. The profit margin of these eggs is 3-4 times compared to chicken eggs.There are many pros of quail eggs. Although their eggs are not considered more popular as chicken ones, they are valued because they are believed to have nutrition value. The factors below are the pros of quail eggs.


Several famous known eggs are consumed by human beings among these quails’ eggs is one of them. This is because these eggs have a delicious taste.
Quails eggs are known to contain a lot of iron in them. This element is known to be very useful in combating the occurrence of anemia.

Their eggs are known to contain ovomucoid, which is an essential protein component which helps in the prevention of allergic occurrence in the human body.
Consumption of these eggs helps in blood pressure regulation because they have a good number of potassium, which is known to act as the vasodilator, which in turn helps in the smooth flow of the blood.

Quails eggs are known to contain an anti-allergic property, which significantly helps in the soothing of asthma. This disease is a result of an allergic reaction.

These eggs are also useful when it comes to blood sugar regulations. This is possible because the eggs have low glycemic properties and even have coined leucine amino acids that are known to be very useful when it comes to regulation of blood sugar in the body.

Another pro of quail eggs is that it helps in the maintenance of general bone health. This is made possible because it contains the right amount of calcium and other useful minerals, which are essential for the public health of the bone.

Quails eggs consumption is known to have a boosting of the cognitive function. This is possible because these eggs have an ample amount of vitamin B complex, which are essential in boosting these cognitive functions of the body.

The eggs are enriched with the most required nutrient elements that are very important in the functioning of the human body. Its consumption will be essential to pregnant women.

Quail eggs have an ample amount of nutrients that are essential when it comes to nourishing the hair follicle. This has an advantage because it leads to an individual having a thick, more substantial, and a long hair by maintaining a healthy hair cycle.

Nutrients of quail eggs have a boosting effect on the fertility of both men and women. These eggs are known to increase the libido level of both male and female individuals.

Quail eggs contain a lot of vitamin A which is required for optimum eye vision. Apart from this, it has an antioxidant that helps in combating the occurrence of glaucoma and cataract in human beings.

Also, the antioxidants found in these eggs combined with amino acids are beneficial when it comes to toxin removal in the body.

When taking these eggs, there is a soothing hunger effect, which in turn leads to regulation of body metabolic rate. This effect will have a significant impact when an individual wants to lose weight.

Quails eggs have the right amount of proteins, and it is also low in purines. These properties have sound effects for an individual who suffers from gout.

These eggs are essential when it comes to the curing of eczema, which is characterized by the swelling and pain on the skin without any external causes.

They are also beneficial when it comes to cancer prevention.

The other importance of these eggs is that the nutrients in quail eggs combined with other nutrients help in bodybuilding of an individual.

It also helps in cancer prevention.

Eating quails eggs regularly also produces sound effects when it comes to preventing kidney diseases.

Apart from these benefits brought by the consumption of quail eggs, some disadvantages are associated with them. The factors below are the cons of quail eggs.

Cons of quail eggs

Excessive use of quail eggs can lead to a body to accumulate too much potassium, which will lower your blood pressure to an abnormally low level. This will, in turn, increase the risk to an individual getting hypertension.

Eating too much of these eggs will result in stomach problems like intestinal blockage, flatulence, and also intestinal gas.

Consumption of a large amount of these eggs may lower an individual blood sugar level to an abnormal lower level and which in return, will increase the risk of getting hypoglycemia.

Quail eggs can have a large number of antioxidants, which may result in cancer. For this reason, the massive consumption of these eggs is highly discouraged.
The eggs are also known to worsen or increase allergic reactions in different individuals.

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